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Rolex Daytona SS Case Black Dial
Rolex Daytona SS Case Black Dial
$312.00  $158.00
Save: 49% off
Computer Dial No Hour Markers
Computer Dial No Hour Markers
$348.00  $167.00
Save: 52% off
Blue Dial II

Blue Dial II

$324.00  $161.00
Save: 50% off
  • Model: ROE2499
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Blue Dial II

* Tag Heuer Formula 1 Series Chronograph watch.
* Unidirectional turning bezel.
* Quartz movement.
* Fully functional stop watch Chronograph dials.
* Fully functional quickset Date window.
* Heavy solid stainless steel bracelet and casing.
* Unique double locking claps mechanism.
* Solid back with detailed Tag Heuer logo serial number/model number engraved on back.
* All the appropriate Tag Heuer markings wordings and engravings.

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